Ruby CBD Infused Old-Fashioned Recipe

CBD Infused Old Fashioned


1 Package Amarena Cherries in Simple Syrup

1 Bottle Orange Blossom Water

2 California Heirloom Oranges

1 Cup Simple Syrup – See directions below

1 Dash Black Pepper Bitters

8 oz. Bourbon of Choice; we used 2 Bar

1 tsp. Ruby CBD Sugar (20 mg CBD)

Makes 4 Old Fashioned’s



  1. Skin or Zest the peel of one orange.
  2. Create an orange peel infused simple syrup by heating 1 cup sugar with one cup water and the orange peel using the double boil method (Link at bottom of article for those unfamiliar with Double Boil Method).  Note: Simple syrup is also available for purchase at grocery stores next to the cocktail mixers if you prefer not to make it from scratch.
  3. Let the syrup cool and add 4-5 drops of orange blossom water.
  4. Slice the second orange, dip the slices in the orange infused simple syrup and set aside for later.
  5. Drain the liquid from the cherry package into a separate bowl.
  6. Mix 1 tsp. Ruby CBD sugar with 1 tsp. cherry liquid and set aside.
  7. Place a cherry at the bottom of a glass and pour ¼ tsp. CBD (5 mg) infused cherry syrup.
  8. Take an orange slice place at the bottom of the glass next to the cherry and add a dash of black pepper bitters.
  9. Add 2 oz. of bourbon
  10. Add ice and stir with a bar spoon
  11. Enjoy!



Terpenes are the new “It-girl” of the cannabis world. Recent research shows that aromatic molecules called terpenes, which are found in cannabis have synergistic effects with cannabinoids. We now better understand what makes each cannabis strain unique.  The smells, flavors, and their effects are due in large part to the interplay between the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Terpenes may have specific therapeutic and psychoactive effects of their own. [1] The terpene limonene is thought to help relieve anxiety, myrcene is known to have pain-relieving effects, and pinene is thought to aid memory.  The terpene family is extensive and by no means limited to these three.

The cannabis industry is using this information to grow and create new products incorporating terpenes.  Breweries are also utilizing the flavor profiles of cannabis terpenes to create beers dubbed the “new IPAs”, as seen in the Lagunitas Brewery’s Supercritical beer among others. [2]

At Ruby, we believe in the power of the whole cannabis plant and the emergence of terpenes in the cannabis industry.  We set out to take a popular drink and enhance it by taking a few steps to emphasize it’s unique terpene profile.

Due to its renewed popularity, we got to work on the Old Fashioned. [3] First we identified its terpenes profile. Oranges contain limonene and linalool in high concentrations, which have citrus and lavender-like aromas respectively. [4, 5] By infusing our orange simple syrup with orange peels and orange blossom water we are combining terpenes found in multiple parts of the orange plant, imparting full bodied but surprisingly subtle and complex flavors. Orange blossoms contain terpenes reminiscent of Concord grape and jasmine. [6, 7] Orange peels add greater amounts of limonene and linalool and terpinolene and pinenes which lend fresh, woody, balsam flavor notes. [3, 8] These woody notes from the orange peel dovetail nicely with the flavors of the bourbon aged in oak casks. Oakwood contains eugenol, a woody, spicy clove-like flavor. [3, 9] Black pepper bitters contribute additional eugenol to our terpene cocktail and beta-caryophyllene, a spicy woody flavor helps to further illuminate the oak flavor of the bourbon. [3, 10]

Let’s not forget to celebrate the molecules that started it all, the cannabinoids! CBD is the perfect cannabinoid to compliment this “terp-tail”. With its stress-relieving and calming properties, the effects of CBD blend perfectly with those imparted by the terpenes present in our Old Fashene. [1, 11] The woody, spicy flavors of the bourbon and pepper are perfect for an evening beverage and the relaxing and positive mood promoting effects of the limonene and linalool make this a perfect drink to consume after a long day of celebration. [1] Thank you for taking the time to read this recipe and blog. We encourage you to try making it at home the next time you are in the mood for a fun and unique cocktail. Put your own fun spin on it and send us your feedback.

Please enjoy responsibly and thank you in advance for not driving when under the influence!

Double-Boil Method for Making Simple Syrup

Utilize method number 1 found at the following website


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