Ruby Lite Plus Sweetener™

is an alternative to Ruby Plus Sugar, with 5 less calories per serving. Made with plant-based xylitol, Ruby Lite Plus was designed as a way to make an accessible product that is still natural and delicious.

Ruby Lite Sweetener is available in different potencies – in addition to our original Ruby Lite, we also offer Ruby Lite 1:1, and Ruby Lite 10:1, with corresponding CBD:THC ratios. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is associated with wellness and alters the effects of THC.


Cannabis Extract and Plant-based Xylitol

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size – 4.2 grams

Calories per serving – 10

THC Dosage (varies by state) – 5mg (OR), 10mg (WA)

CBD Dosage (varies by state) – 5mg (OR), 10mg (WA)