Ruby Sugar™

is the world’s first Flexible Edible cannabis product – created to easily incorporate into your everyday food and drink.

Ruby Sugar is portable, discreet, and tastes great. Use in place of sugar, or in anything that needs a little sweetening. In a market dominated by baked goods and other fat-based products, Ruby is a low calorie, low volume alternative. Ruby is easy to use, flavor neutral, and doesn’t require any refrigeration, equipment, or pens. It works in your favorite beverages and recipes. Use only as much or as little as you need. Ruby products allow you to customize your experience to fit your taste and lifestyle needs.


Cannabis Extract and Certified Organic Cane Sugar

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size* – 2.1 grams (OR), 4.2 grams (WA)

Calories per serving – 15

THC Dosage* – 5mg (OR), 10mg (WA)

*Serving size and dosage varies by state, due to different regulations around cannabis.


Our products are manufactured with deep concern for the environment and quality standards that are unbeatable. Ruby is vegan, fat free, gluten free, GMO-free, and has no fillers or binders. We are proud that the certified organic cane sugar used to make Ruby is grown and made in the USA. It is also grown, harvested, and manufactured at a carbon-neutral facility.

We believe that high quality combined with meticulous standards lead to great products and experiences. You’ll notice the difference!

Testing and Safety

Every batch of Ruby™ undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the safety and consistency of our product.

Washington State regulations require that all cannabis edibles are tested for potency. Ruby is tested twice. Once for consistency of THC concentration and then again for the presence of pathogens which can cause illness.

Microbial testing is not currently required by Washington State, however we believe that consumer safety is of the utmost importance and are proud to report that our product has always been 100% microbial-free.